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What to Look for in a Pre-owned Vehicle

Don’t simply pass by used vehicles while shopping for something to drive. You can get a great used car, truck, or SUV at an affordable price. Browse our used inventory here at Legal Chrysler Dodge RAM and start your purchase online. Keep reading to learn what to look for in a pre-owned vehicle to make the process even more efficient.

How Much the Car Is Worth

Researching the monetary value of the vehicle will help you determine if the sales price is fair. Make sure to take the vehicle’s condition into account. A vehicle in excellent condition will be more expensive than one with some scratches or dents.

Take a Test Drive

Get a sense of how the vehicle feels by going for a test drive. Getting behind the wheel of the car could reveal any inadequacies, such as slow acceleration or squeaky brakes.

Inspect the Vehicle for Any Damage

Closely inspect the vehicle to see if it has scratches, dents, tears in the interior fabric, or other signs of damage. You might not notice minor signs of damage right away, so take some pictures or videos to review later before committing to buying the vehicle.

Check the VIN

Run a check on the VIN to reveal whether the vehicle was in any accidents. Checking the VIN can also inform you if the car was stolen or damaged.

Look at the Car’s History

Once you have obtained the car’s history, carefully examine the records. Even if the car was once in an accident, you don’t necessarily have to avoid buying it. Have a conversation with a trusted mechanic about what the past damages could mean for the future of the car.

Ask Questions

To ensure that you’re making the right choice, ask as many questions as you need to learn about the vehicle and its potential. Our representatives are happy to assist.

Finance With Us!

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