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Winter Battery Tips

As the cold winter approaches, ensuring your vehicle’s battery is in top condition and ready to withstand extreme temperatures is essential. At Legal Chrysler in Legal, Alberta, we offer a wide range of automotive parts and services to ensure your battery is always running optimally. Whether it’s a battery check or replacement, our skilled Parts Centre technicians can service any vehicle.

Here are some tips to help you prepare your car battery for winter and stay safe on the roads:

Check the Battery Corrosion

Battery terminals can corrode over time, leading to poor connection and reduced efficiency. This is especially true in cold climates, so checking your battery terminals for any signs of corrosion is crucial. If you notice white or blue-green powder around the terminals, they will need to be cleaned and tightened.

Keep Your Battery Charged

Cold temperatures can cause the battery to lose its charge, so it’s imperative to ensure that you keep your battery fully charged during the winter months. You can use a car battery charger to maintain the charge and prevent your battery from freezing. Window defrosters and heated seats will drain the battery, so it’s vital to up your charging frequency.

Get a Battery Check

Having your battery checked regularly is one of the best ways to ensure it’s in top condition. Testing the battery’s charge and voltage levels can help identify potential issues before they become more severe. The battery’s health can decrease over time, so it’s crucial to ensure you get a battery check, especially in the cold winter months.

Have a Jump Starter on Hand

A jump starter can be a lifesaver if your battery suddenly fails. A jump starter allows you to quickly and easily jump-start your car without the help of another vehicle or person. Make sure you have a reliable jump starter that can handle cold temperatures. Visit Us to Learn More!

Batteries are essential for your car’s operation and performance, especially in cold weather. At Legal Chrysler in Legal, Alberta, we provide quality automotive parts and services to ensure your battery is always running optimally. By following these simple tips, you can help ensure that your car is ready for the winter and that you stay safe on the roads. Visit our Parts Centre today to find the right solution for you.