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Prepare your Trailer for Summer Drives in Alberta

Before embarking on summer road trips in Alberta with your trailer, it’s crucial to prepare it for a safe and enjoyable journey properly. In this article, we will provide essential tips to prepare your trailer. From exterior cleaning to checking tires, batteries, and appliances, we’ll cover everything you need to know.

Good Exterior Cleaning

Start with proper vehicle summer maintenance in Alberta by giving your trailer a thorough exterior cleaning. Use a wash and wax formula and an extendable brush to remove winter grime. Begin from the top and work your way down to the tires. Rinse the trailer well with a hose. While cleaning, inspect the roof, vents, seals, and slide-out seals. Replace any missing or cracked caulking to prevent water leaks during your travels.

Flush the Water System

If you winterized your water tank with antifreeze, flush the system thoroughly. Mix one cup of bleach with a gallon of water and pour it into the empty tank. Open all the faucets and let the water run until you detect the smell of bleach. Allow the system to sit for a day before draining and filling it with fresh water. Run the faucets until the bleach odour disappears. Check the outside shower hose, replace the water filter if necessary, and inspect all water sources for leaks.

Check the RV Toilet

Ensure your RV toilet is in proper working condition. Check the toilet seal and apply plumber’s grease if needed. Use RV tank treatments and deodorizers for system efficiency. Drop ice cubes into the toilet bowl to eliminate false readings on the holding tank. The melting ice cubes will help break up residue on the sensors. Ensure the toilet bowl is half full of water before use.

Check the Tires

Inspect your RV tires for cracks and ensure they are properly inflated to the recommended pressure. Apply a tire protection spray to prevent dry rot. Tighten the lug nuts for a secure journey. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for proper tire RV maintenance in Alberta before you hit the roads in summer.

Inspect the RV Battery

If you removed the RV battery for storage, ensure it is correctly reconnected. Check water levels and fully charge the battery before your trip. Consult the battery’s manual for maintenance and charging instructions.

Check the Appliances

Verify the operation of RV appliances, especially propane-powered ones. Inspect tanks, connections, valves, and firing operations. Have non-working appliances checked by a professional. Conduct an annual gas pressure and leak test and recertify propane tanks. Test electrical appliances by plugging your RV into a reliable power source. Ensure the microwave, fridge, air conditioner, and other systems are functioning properly.

Inspect the Engine and Generator

Check fluid levels, replace fluids and oils if needed, and address any leaks in the engine. Verify accurate readings on gauges and ensure all lights are working correctly. Refer to the owner’s manual or contact your dealer for specific maintenance guidelines.

Check the Smoke Detector and Fire Extinguisher

Replace batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Equip your trailer with a first aid kit and essential survival tools. Ensure a functioning fire extinguisher with the needle indicating the green zone.

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