Benefits of Winter Tires

At Legal Chrysler Dodge RAM, we aim to keep you safe on the road, especially during hazardous Canadian winters. Our dealership in Legal, Alberta, works to ensure you are informed about how to prepare for winter. Here’s a guide on winter tires and how they can help you this winter.

Importance of Winter Tire Change

Winter tires are crucial to safe driving in winter. Not only are winter tires used to handle cold weather, but they also provide the best performance through snow, freezing rain, slush, and ice, which are typical parts of the colder months. Other advantages of winter tires include added flexibility that lets them conform to the road better, have greater resistance against hydroplaning, and have wider grooves for a more robust grip. The traction that winter tires provide allows your vehicle to resist slipping on icy roads. These specially engineered tires are also designed to not lose pressure in subzero temperatures, unlike all-season tires. Winter tires are essential to safety as they improve the performance of your vehicle and its braking distance, reducing the chances of a collision. With winter tires on your vehicle, you will have the design and power to remain in control of your vehicle when it is most needed.

When Should You Swap Your Winter Tires?

Once the road conditions become icy or snowy, you will need winter tires to help your vehicle safely navigate the road. As with most tire brands, the winter versions have particular configurations that allow better handling, expanded braking distance, and increased traction. These capabilities usually kick in once the temperature routinely dips to below 7 degrees Celcius, which is the best time for your winter tire change. It’s vital to stay informed on the specific laws in your province as it is mandatory to have winter tires installed by October 1st. Once the weather starts to warm again, it is just as important to switch back to summer tires to keep your vehicle protected and ensure your winter tires will last longer when winter comes back around again.

Get Expert Tire Care Today

Understanding when your tires should get changed is just a minor part of the overall maintenance of your vehicle. You should also ensure you check your tire pressure and tread depth on a frequent basis. It is also vital to stay up-to-date on your tire rotation schedule. The technicians at our dealership are ready to assist you with all of your tire needs. Visit our expert Service Centre for a tire change today!



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