Tips to Maintain Your RAM Truck

September 10,2023

If you plan to buy and own a Ram truck, you must maintain it correctly to maximize your investment. In this simple guide, we’ll give you the best tips from our Ram experts to ensure that your Ram truck keeps running at optimal performance for years. 

Maintenance Checks

Maintaining your Ram truck and paying attention to its basic needs is crucial. The best is to ensure that your truck gets serviced at regular intervals. Services include (but aren’t limited to) oil changes, brake checks, fluid replacements, and tire rotations. 

A professional Ram mechanic can complete a minor or a major service at any service centre, such as Legal Chrysler. Services will ensure that hidden issues are discovered and fixed before they become more significant. 

You’ll need to do self-service seasonal checks on your Ram, such as checking the anti-freeze, brake fluid, wiper fluid, radiator fluid, and battery fluid. These minor checks will ensure your truck remains safe and drivable during cold Canadian winters or hot summer months. 

Lastly, ensure that you regularly check the battery for oxidization or residue on the terminals, especially if you live in humid weather conditions. You can extend the battery’s longevity by simply brushing off any corrosion with a special brush. 

Mechanical Checks

It’s recommended that you change the transmission fluid every 48,000km. If you regularly explore the off-road 23.8 km Snowshoe Trail to Twin Lakes in Alberta, we suggest you check your transmission fluid more often. Off-roading can be quite taxing on your Ram truck’s differentials too. 

All four-wheel-drive Ram trucks have complex rear and front axles that allow the wheels to spin at different speeds. These differentials need to remain lubricated in order to function optimally. 

Additionally, off-roading can disturb your truck’s alignment while going over numerous obstacles and having fun. Be sure to check your truck’s alignment regularly. The correct alignment will ensure that your tires last longer and assist with better fuel efficiency. 

Exterior Protection

Protect your Ram’s exterior by regularly washing it with soapy water and a soft sponge. We highly recommend using good wax or polish to protect your truck’s paint from debris and external elements.

Wax or polish creates an invisible layer of protection. Additionally, it would be best if you always tried to park your truck in a garage when possible. Alternatively, you can invest in a cover to protect your pride and joy. Last, but not least, invest in a bed liner. It’ll ensure your bed won’t get exposed to the elements that cause rust and dents. 

Final Word

Follow these simple tips, and you’ll enjoy your Ram truck for many years. Give Legal Chrysler a call today and speak with our Ram experts. We’ll answer any additional questions you may have about maintaining your Ram truck. 

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