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September 24,2023

Pickup trucks are iconic vehicles in Canada, but as their demand grows, so does their price tag. If you’re in the province of Alberta and looking for a reliable used pickup truck, navigating the choices can be daunting. Here, Legal Chrysler decodes a list of vital things to consider, so you can be confident in your purchase.

Engage with the Previous Owner

Understanding the life a truck has led is crucial. Many Albertans use their pickup trucks for professional tasks, which might entail heavy lifting. Others might have simply used it as their primary mode of transport. Finding out this information gives you a glimpse into its possible wear and tear. So, if you have the opportunity, converse with the former owner. They can provide insight into the truck’s history, allowing you to refine your evaluation.

Delve into Repair and Maintenance History

Not all purchases offer the chance to meet the previous owner, especially at dealerships. However, always request a comprehensive maintenance history. These records can serve as a testament to how the vehicle has been cared for, hinting at its longevity. In case these aren’t available, consider employing Canadian tools like CARPROOF for an accident check. More so, get a trusted mechanic to inspect the truck. This ensures you aren’t just taking the seller’s word for it but getting an unbiased perspective.

Examine Bed and Towing Hitch Integrity

The truck bed and towing hitch are like a window into a truck’s past. Signs of excessive use or neglect might be evident with rust, dents, or scratches. A freshly painted bed can also be a red flag, possibly hiding more profound issues. The towing hitch, on the other hand, speaks volumes about its usage. Bolts, the licence plate’s condition, or even signs of wear around the hitch can indicate heavy towing history. Remember, a truck covering 200,000 kilometres with light loads might be in better shape than another at just 100,000 kilometres but frequently towing hefty trailers.

Identify Signs of Intense Off-Road Use

Alberta’s terrain is diverse, and off-roading is an enticing pursuit. Yet, when shopping for a used truck, a vehicle extensively driven off-road might not be your best bet. Such usage can strain a truck’s mechanical components. Look for clues like deep dents beneath the vehicle or warped parts – indicators of substantial off-road usage which can accelerate the wear on the truck’s overall system.

Inspect the Frame for Strength and Integrity

Every truck rests on its frame – this foundational component connects the vehicle’s body to its mechanical parts. An unbent, robust frame is what you should seek. If it’s bent, it might hint at a significant accident history or taxing activities like snow plowing. When at Legal Chrysler or any other dealership, don’t hesitate to get down and inspect the frame for any fresh undercoating, rust, or dents.

Need a Truck? Come to Legal Chrysler

Purchasing a used pickup truck, especially in provinces like Alberta, requires a discerning eye and thorough knowledge. By following these guidelines, you set yourself up for a satisfying buy, ensuring you’re getting value for your hard-earned money. At Legal Chrysler, we pride ourselves on assisting our customers every step of the way, ensuring their journey to owning the perfect used pickup truck is smooth and rewarding.

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